Services Provided

Phytolith Analysis for Midwest and Northern Great Plains Region

From soils:

  • Phytolith analysis from soils to identify environment or habitat and plant community
  • Phytolith analysis from displaced soils (earth-moving activities) to identify source soils – in this case appropriate potential source-soils or their modern proxies should be submitted for analysis
  • Identification of gardens containing maize via phytolith analysis from sediment samples

Micro analysis of plant materials:

  • Identification of grasses from archaeological contexts, i.e. charred grass specimens from storage pits or refuse features, collapsed structures
  • Identification of leaves from woody plants 0.5 cm and larger

Cooking Residue:

Identification of phytoliths and starches from cooking residue and tools


  • Ethnobotanical survey of living vegetation – for creation of a plant species list
  • Macrofloral analysis from soil samples: flotation, sieving and identification of charcoal and seeds

On-Site Consulting and Sample Collection

We can help create an experimental design on the spot, including necessary control samples, collecting  ecological information and advise on sample collection or collect samples. This improves the interpretation of results and helps us provide you with information that better addresses your research questions.